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The Eirou Werepack

"A mountain with a wolf on top stands a little taller."


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Were Name: Windesong

Birthdate: May 26, 1984

Location: St. Charles, IL / Wallingford, CT

Phenotype(s): Timberwolf

Gender: Male

Interests: Theater, poetry, exercise, movies, and his Irish heritage amongst other things.

Pet Peeves: Shallow people, and college applications.

Favorite Food: Venison

Favorite Drink: Orange Juice

Nicknames (if any): Ben, Winde, Wind, Fuzzball, and other such names.

Favorite Book: Nadia by Pat Murphy

Favorite Movie: Too many. Recent favorite is Tomb Raider.

Sports (if any): Gymnastics and dance. (They ARE sports!)

Favorite Animal(s): Wolves, but I love every living thing.

Least Favorite Animal(s): Spiders!

Interesting Fact About Windesong: He can put his leg behind his head!

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AIM: oOWindesongOo

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