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The Youngbloods Werepack

"Deus Vult."


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Were Name: Hikage

Birthdate: April 24, 1984

Location: Paris, Mississippi

Phenotype: Crow

Gender: Male

Interests: Reading, writing, magic, religion, music, and Otherkin physiology/psychology.

Pet Peeves: Stupid people, narrow-minded people, bigots, and supremacists of any sort.

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Drink: Green tea

Nicknames (if any): Zack, and Crow.

Favorite Book: Metamorphoses by Ovid

Favorite Movie: Lodoss Wars

Sports (if any): Volleyball, basketball, archery, fencing, Kendo, and martial arts.

Favorite Animal(s): Corvids in general, wolves, the bigger cats, and various rodents.

Least Favorite Animal(s): None

Interesting Fact About Hikage: He's also a mage.

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AIM: Artea42

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To Be Alive by Jennifer Miller

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